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Campus Master Plan

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In 2003 Texas A&M University endeavored to create a long-range comprehensive plan for addressing the built environment. The result was the 2004 Campus Master Plan.

2004 Campus Master Plan

The 2004 Campus Master Plan is intended as a strategic and tactical guide for the physical development of the campus over the next fifty years. It is intended to achieve the ideals of Vision 2020 and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the learning environment in support of teaching, research and service. The document is made up of four fundamental parts: the Long Range Plan, the Landscape Plan, the Architectural Plan, and the Process.

Subsequent Updates

Over the years, it has been necessary to adapt and update portions of the plan given new technologies, shifting focuses, and evolving needs. The bulk of those changes are incorporated in the District Plans specific to various regions across campus.

Both the Executive Summary and full Campus Master Plan are available in PDF format. Printed and bound copies are available through the Office of the University Architect.

About this Website

Relaunched in 2013, this website contains information from the 2004 Campus Master Plan as well as links to more recent information. Additional resources are available on the website for the Office of the University Architect.

Many of the pages and links from the previous version of this website have been updated. Those who have bookmarked pages are advised to update their links.

A map of the Texas A&M University Campus from the Campus Master Plan.

Updated October 2014