2004 Campus Master Plan

Originally created in 2004, the Campus Master Plan is intended as a strategic and tactical guide for the physical development of the campus. It is intended to achieve the ideals of Vision 2020 and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the learning environment in support of teaching, research and service. 

Over the years, it has been necessary to adapt and update portions of the plan given new technologies, shifting focuses, and evolving needs. The bulk of those changes are incorporated in the District Plans specific to various regions across campus.

2016 Campus Master Plan Update

Texas A&M University hired the planning firm of Ayres Saint Gross to lead a Campus Master Plan Update planning effort. The update is not intended to redefine the foundation of the 2004 Campus Master Plan, but to focus on the following areas: development framework plan (physical planning), preservation/adaptive reuse plan, circulation and transportation plan, sustainability plan, signage plan, and design and landscape guidelines. The update process will take approximately one year to complete.